Tomorrow we walk...

Tomorrow is my fourth Revlon runwalk--four years I have made this early morning dash downtown. Four years my family --mom, the girls and I have walked around USC and raised money for the cause. Each year it means something spectacular is happening. People are gathering to raise money for me and everyone like me. It is a powerful thing. Every year Halle Berry stands on that bridge and dances and cheers every last one of us through our start. every year I am touched by what I see. Cancer survivors and loved ones march with sign and shirts and banners and crazy wigs and those hats. The special hat that is made every year for the survivors. This year as in every year there is a list in my head.
So here goes---no last names... women's cancer only.
My daughters, your daughters, our mothers, Jennifer, Cate's sis, Maureen's sis, Jenifer,me, Mary Ann, Ethel, Elaine, Pauline, Tammy, Dina, Lisa, Betty, Catherine, Mary, Ann, Jacqui, the girl whose name I can't remember, Sally, Dolores, Amy, Kelly, and countless others I have sat in chairs in waiting rooms with. You know who you are and so do I and so does God.
Walk with me tomorrow, in person, in spirit. It is a good thing that we do and its help is far reaching.