so I have been really busy

These days life is life--it is no longer about surgeries and recoveries and treatments and tests. Alleluia! Good thing I named this blog My Story RIGHT NOW!!!
It was the point of naming it that--because my life would go on and change as that is the one thing we can count on along with death and taxes. So now I am lazing around on a Sunday morning for the first time in several weeks.  I got to sleep in on mother's day but I had gotten up at 4:30 the day before for the walk. Then the following week it was up at 5:30/6 until Saturday and sunday when I was up at 4:30 to drive our oldest to Volleyball an hour and a half away. I was dreaming about this weekend and not having to leap out of bed in the dark. I slept in...til 6;30! Yikes I am out of practice being lazy.

So in the last few weeks along with vball I have worked on an article for Pony MT--it is pretty much done--one more write through and it will be great. I have also planned our summer travels--two more short trips to do and then I am done and just need to pack- Which led me to the thought of writing about  our travels this summer. I keep wondering if I could put it all in an article  for somewhere--not sure where so I started searching this morning on my iPad. Now that  I am fully awake I thought, "I could start another blog..." could I handle another blog----maybe but it would only be about traveling and then everyone would know where we are...I think I will hold it until I return--it seemed a way to learn about monetizing blogs without putting that here.

Monetizing is where either you choose products to advertise on  your blog or you let others do it for you.

Weird thing is that today I have  had 40 page views--I haven't had traffic like that since I wrote about Nathan Lyon!

Things to ponder I guess. More about the walk in the next post.