So it's my birthday.

I had a perfect day--truly--after running around like crazy to vegas, escondido, practices with my oldest I got to laze around for the morning--of course I will be getting up at 5 am and heading out the door 15 minutes later tomorrow. Today was blissful--breakfast in bed made by my youngest, a day at the beach with some of our closest friends and dinner with the family. I got lots of birthday wishes  today which made it all the better.
I have been frustrated by not getting to work on my book--Here I am finished with a year of my life and no finished product. I also spent three nights in a row having night mares. Not the horrid ones of my child hood but uncomfortable just the same-- On the plus side I have been invited back to teach breast self exam at a local all girls school. I taught at my high school in January and last fall and there is another private school that may be interested. So starting Monday I will write again. And organize a few things.

I hope everyone takes a moment to read my next entry and click through the link. It really needs to stand on its own.