so you know the story that starts, "a woman walks into her doctor's office..."

well in the last three weeks I have --had a sinus infection that went into my breast. It made a red circle that sent me onto, not only the antibiotics for my sinus infection, but also antibiotics for the other infection too. My body healed but there was this lump--well actually two little lumps--surface lumps that I could feel and see and were just about where my original lump had been. Of course the tissue that lump had been in is long gone I still had to go through the steps to feeling completely ok with it all. So I started with the Infectious Disease doctor who sent me to have an ultrasound, which sent me to my surgeon and my plastic surgeon who all said the same thing, "It's nothing." I was also told by my P.S. that it was probably fat from the fat grafting that had decided to show itself as I was losing weight and then the infection probably made it a bit irritated.
I learned somethings, --one that cancer tends to pull in and be hard not push out and be squishy. Actually to me it seemed hard but to a doctor it didn't.

Ironically I was going through this at the same time I was teaching BSE to the seniors at my high school. I will keep giving back---now to get to Louisville another Catholic school in the area.

So all is well and we are off to the next thing!