never doubt a first impression

Many years ago--when in my early 20's I met Larry Hagman. He was larger than life in person and he and his wife were at a theatre opening and I met them there. Moving ahead a few years a mutual friend gave him some photos he had shot of me in hopes it might move my career along. By the time I hit 31 I had given up on my acting career and put my sites on buying a home with my husband and having children. In 1996 I got a phone call, "Is it okay that I give Larry your number he wants to ask you something? He called and asked if Kathy L'Amour's good looking daughter was still acting." I said yes and in  just a little while my phone rang.
"Angelique, This is Larry Hagman. Do you remember me?"
"Of course I do."
"What are you doing right now?"
"I'm rehanging my curtains."(We had evacuated for a fire a couple of days before and Larry knew well the routine in the Southern California mountains.
"Why are you doing that?"
"I live near the fire."
"Holy Shit!"
"Holy Shit indeed." I replied.
"I want you to come audition to play my daughter on my new show."
"Thank you so much--I would love to."

That led to me auditioning, auditioning again for casting folks who had listened to Larry rave about me like he had known my whole life and everything I had done rather than just a few minutes in the Dorothy Chandler lobby. I got down to the wire. They sent tape to New Orleans and I prayed. I prayed for my marriage more than a job. I prayed for my career more than a job. But I also knew we were trying to have a baby and we had owned our house for  a year and it would mean a move to NEw Orleans if I got the part. I did my best and waited. And the show decided not to introduce his long lost daughter in episode 6 but to wait and see if they got picked up. The show was cancelled and I went on to have two amazing daughters and an amazing marriage.

But it showed me something--it showed me how valuable a first impression is. It showed me how someone could make me feel great just by remembering me. And it showed me that sometimes the great ones do reach out to help an actress get a break.
Thank you Larry, You will always be special to me.