Christmas Eve

When I think back to three years much has changed. I am so very grateful to again be spending my vacation days on a mountain on skis. Seeing the beauty that surrounds me, the hush of the falling snow and in the evenings my husbands guitar I am truly at peace. There is a way through. At is what should be remembered. Last week the lesson was put to work by our eldest as she entered the week before and the week of finals with a horrible upper respiratory thing that morphed the day if her first finals into a full blown ear infection. I said just move forward and do what is next. That's all. Just put one foot in front of the other. She survived and it will be interesting to see how she did feeling awful. I was proud to see her put to use what I was trying to be an example of for our girls.

Now I am cozy in our house on our family ranch and snow has been falling all day. We skied in the morning and it was wonderful. A bit breezy and chilly on the lift but truly terrific.

I am trying to continue to work on my book...sending emails to myself so I will have them once I get home. I hope it turns into something helpful to others. I have no responsibilities with school and team
And each time I try to sign up I get told it isn't necessary. So this year is the year to dive full force into my perspective changes regarding life in light of my illness. I will let you know how it goes...

Merry Christmas!