here I am ready to go

I keep thinking about writing but life gets in the way. Tonight I have just finished my bills and grateful I could afford to pay them. I am glad the Affordable Health Care act will stand as it is doing good for many more than me! I know it may not be perfect but it is a HUGE step in the right direction. I have been thinking a lot today about luck.
When I was in New York last week I had a conversation while visiting the set of SVU. An actor I knew back in Larry Moss' class was on the show and we visited for a bit. Brilliant actor and very nice guy...we talked about luck and how much it determines who makes it and who doesn't. Then this morning I was talking to a friend of mine and discussed luck again...and being blessed in regards to the success thus far of my cancer treatment. I don't feel guilty when I think of my friends who's journeys are not like mine, what I wish was that I could take them with me. With every fiber of my being I wish I could take them with me out of the tunnel.

Sometimes when I am working out and can't go another rep, inch, or whatever I cuss old cancer out. That's right! My extremely crass mouth comes out to play and every swear word I have ever learned flies out directed at cancer.

Today I was getting ready to take a shower and walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror and said, "Holy Sh@#$! I had cancer!" Still surprises me.

I am trying to work on my book. I have found myself talking to several women in the last few weeks--who wanted to hear the whole story. So I gave it to them.  I have to finish the book--maybe I will set my birthday as a goal--or Christmas--I need it out of me and on its way. I feel that when it is written then I can see what's next--probably my Revolutionary war book.

Off to visit family this week then back to the book...
Happy Thanksgiving--so much to be thankful for in this house!