Four years ago

There has been much talk about four years ago and whether we are better off now than we were then.
Four years ago I was a wife and mother
Four years ago I was fighting the last ten pounds
Four years ago I felt secure, safe, healthy.

One shower and my whole life changed. A lump. Cancer. Chemo. 12 surgeries.
I am a wife and mother
I am fighting the last ten pounds
I am cancer free.
I am in menopause.
I have spent 6 months bald.
I have known great kindness, great fear, great faith, great love.

 If you want to know who I regards to health care.

..I have a preexisting condition.
 I am 48 Years old.
I have two kids, a husband and a dog. We own our home.
My insurance can charge me anything it wants to until 2014 if Obama's plan stays
Or anything it wants to for the rest of my life if Obama's plan is ended.
 Life can change in an did for me.