Wearing a t-shirt!

Really what more do I need to say? I am wearing a real bra(granted in a rather large size) I have on a tee shirt and it fits. I had my surgery on April 18, 2012. 922 days after my mastectomy. I spent a week with drains and now I am home! I still could choose to do more(nipples anyone?) Right now I just want a year! A year without major anything!
I've been praying for friends who are still in the tunnel. Still, I feel great! I will drive to pick up my oldest at the bus and move forward.

My friend, Mary Ann, asked me to read her book so I could give her a quote. I have never been more honored in my life! And it is brilliant. Rather than make me feel I have nothing to say it makes me realize that, while many of the experiences are the same, we each have something to say to those around us who are affected by this obnoxious illness.

I will work to get it out onto paper and then I will move on--back into middle grade and young adult fiction which is where my heart is as far as writing. I think this blog will continue for ever as it is titled, My Story Right NOW, not then so it is ever timely.

Off to pick up and off to plan my spring garden!