There are worse things than cancer

Really there are worse things. Nobody thinks that at first. "You have cancer" sort of stops all thoughts of anyone else unless it is your family. As you journey through you realize there are worse things. A loved one having cancer, a child being bullied, a child with a problem and no diagnosis and lots of Incurable things like ms and Parkinson's and rheumatoid arthritis. Those are things you have to deal with for life. A living with cancer is another unending thing. The cancer that I had ended. I get to go on with the rest of my life, forever changed in good ways and not so good ways. Mostly the not so good ways are physical changes like dry skin, stiffness and the edge of lymphadema which I keep at bay. I changed my way of eating. I tey for alkalinity I exercise a lot. In fact I would rather be physical than sedentary. I have learned who I am and what I believe is important for happiness in life. And I believe there are worse things ...I am lucky and I have faith and I stay positive.