Dressing for mastectomy issues...fashion in uneven times!

So I am spending Easter at a nice resort with a pool and tennisnans a spa. I am not partaking of the spa this time as I am paranoid that I would get the one massage therapist with a cold and be locked in a room with them for an hour. Last week I saw my pulmonologist who said to a collegue that he had delayed my final surgery for a year. I was surprised when I heard that but it is true. So here I sit by the pool not getting in. I want to just get the surgery over with and there are so many kids here. Need I say more?

So in packing for this trip I realized I had a skill that might be helpful to others in my position. Whether you have one breast removed without reconstruction or you have one flattened expander like me, I have some tips. One flattened expander if it were really flat would be easier but when they decide to deflate they leave you slightly lumpy and smushed to the side...not something you can easily cover with a bra.

So I have these camisoles by amoena which have pockets and a bit of padding but now I am sick of them. I find that scarves, so in and hip now, are helpful tied around my neck and off to one side work well. I also love open front cardigans loose and flowy. I also found a t-shirt at banana republic which has flowers on it in the most strategically perfect spots that I look almost normal. Layers are my best friend. Couldn't really find a bathing suit...tried and they are not too bad as I can put a pad in the one side but they still look odd when I turn to the side. Another current trend are tops with batwing sleeves..these work well too as they gloss over the area.
If you need advice just ask me!