Oh my we got all excited around here

Thought I was going to have my final surgery pushed forward from April 18---then it was changed again!
Who knows--I am so done but I had to go handle the way I look(one deflated side) by going to Intimate Image---they were nice and kind and funny--I will not mention the name of the store  I went to before which was depressing and frustrating. At I I I had a good time and got some camis and forms etc. So I can balance out myself.
Tomorrow I go to a charity function and have to go casual chic---Needed the cami to balance out my outfit---need to polish my toes.

I feel like I want someone to wake me up and tell me it is time to go rather than prep for it at all-
NExt tuesday I get the results of some tests done last week. It should be nothing but you don't count on that after one diagnosis--everything seems to be full of angst.

I'll let you know what it all comes to. I am tired of waiting --tired of being sick when the time comes--tired of not being able to just get dressed without a thought.
BUT I am alive, healthy, strong, loved and loving so really I have NOTHING to complain about EVER!