We are still In process

in Los Angeles it is often referred to as "in development" Yikes--my right expander bit the dust on Sunday so we are trying to move my final surgery up otherwise I have to have another surgery in order to have surgery!
What is the lesson here---I shouldn't have prayed for patience! I am being given lots of chances to develop it!
So off to gather scarves and drapey shapeless tops to take to Denver so I can look somewhat normal. And tomorrow I will try "one of those stores" again. the kind that makes me cry ---a mastectomy product store. Perhaps they will be able to even me out for the weekend and weeks ahead.
I don't want to spend money on such things--I want to save it for strappy little tops and new bathing suits---really summer summer dresses and no bras unless I am working out or want to 'cause I found a pretty one.

The tough part is knowing that when I have this surgery I will be stopped completely for a few weeks.
Right now all I want to do is go to Denver, go to my friend's fundraiser and dream about Hawaii and snorkeling---I really want to ski again this year but that hope fled with the saline in the expander and the volleyball club.

I am hanging in there but really---REALLY???? REALLY!!!