two years ago(almost) ...

I was approaching my last chemo--I thought by now I would be fit and with great reconstructed breasts and flitting around living my life---okay--NOT!
 I am fine and I will be fine and it is all okay...Today I will head to the "store" and see what they sell--then to Nordstroms for another scarf for Denver and beyond--can you believe I have a vacancy in my scarf collection? The one thing I have loved is that I still love my scarves--they are old friends who always made me feel stylish while I was bald.

I spent some time this morning doing research for my Revolutionary War novel--192 pages in I still am doing research.

It feels good to be working on it again. I miss my characters and I didn't really have room for their cares for the last little bit. It is true as a writer, that you start to think about your characters lives as existing. They sit waiting on the page for release.

Many writers falter at the middle of their books--I believe I am at the end of the middle and the beginning of the end which to me is more daunting. I have to make a crisis that is large enough to warrant the last 192 pages.
The difficult part about the historical novel is there is always a reader who knows it better than you do and I am trying to be accurate in a historical setting. True, my story is for kids, but even so there will be some gun buff out there or some girls who like period clothing or some boy who knows everything there is to know about ships in the 18th century.

Today is the packing day--final preps for Denver and volleyball for part of the family. Marketing for the other half and a teacher meeting.

OOps I have to go wake the family--I have been up since 3 am--like chemo days--mind racing too much to do...I did nap from 4-4:45 ---