I find it harder to write

I want to write my book but I avoid it-right now I have to go feed kids and then run around doing things today. I want to work on my book. So I am not adding so much to this blog. BUt the secret to writing is BIC(butt in chair) and I have not had much time for that. 

I got terrific news--all is well and I get to move forward. I also don't have to see my oncologist for four months---now I do have to go for my preops--but that is terrific news too as it means I am closing in on the end of the surgeries. 

When I count them up it is amazing--
needle biopsy.
core needle biopsy
double mastectomy--general anesthetic
6 fills
port placement surgery-awake 
6 rounds taxotere, carboplatin
18 rounds perception
infection so 13 days of iv antibiotics
expander replacement surgery plus fat grafting and stratus placement-general anesthetic
another fat grafting surgery--general anesthetic
4 radioactive pet/ct scans
brain scan
bone scan
another brain scan
port removal--awake local anesthetic
expander replacement(again)
needle biopsy of lung--awake /four passes
Lung surgery with 2 nodes removed--general anesthesia
treatment for valley fever with fluconazole
D and C for what tamoxifen likes to do in the body--general anesthesia
that comes to:
 9 surgeries over 2 and 1/2 years
7 scans
6 rounds chemo
18 herceptin

I am almost done---BUt really what it comes to is I respect the hell out of my body to survive it all, my doctors for their patience and love and care  and my family for handling it so well.
Just going to pick up my husband from his colonoscopy I freaked out and couldn't sit in the waiting room. it was so weird and uncomfortable for me just that once I can't imagine what it is like for those I love.

Well I love you all and respect all the help and love and kindness you have given me.

Just remember when dealing with someone with a life threatening illness--they are entitled to every emotion in the book and so are you!

Also remember that for those of us with cancer---the end of Chemo is not the end for most of us--we then see our doctors every two months for 2 years or so. Every time we go there is a chance except I say NO WAY. THERE IS NO VACANCY SIGN ON ME SO KEEP THE HELL OUT!