This is a terrific site and blog. I find it positive and informative and interesting. This morning I made a comment on a blog post about judging what we see and I think it deserves to be here also.

I have reached a point in my life where I am again enviable. If you saw me on the street you would assume I had it all and in many respects I do. I have two fabulous daughters, a great husband, a lovely home. I’m attractive and fit and positive. What you wouldn’t notice are the last two and a half years of my life fighting and winning my personal war with breast cancer. You wouldn’t see that 2 &1/2 years after my mastectomy my breast reconstruction is still not done and I am odd breasted still. I hug my girls and they don’t feel a real chest and they still don’t feel even implants. They feel the expanders holding the places for my implants. What you don’t see is that my hair looks great at its short length but it is still 8-10 inches shorter than it was when I shaved my head. My girls remember. I am now meeting many people for the first time and I wonder when it will come up in conversation or if it will. I am happy and moving forward but you are right to never assume someone has it easy. We all have demons we have battled whether it is cancer or bullying or a bad relationship. What makes us stand out is how we LIVE in spite of those things. What makes us stand out are our choices.