Giving Thanks

      So way back in 2009-2010, when I was going through chemo one of the things I did on day two, three and four, was watch cooking shows. I would watch Ace of Cakes with my younger daughter but I also watched, "A Lyon in The Kitchen" Some might have thought I was drawn to watching Nathan Lyon's show by my hairstyle at the time...In case you have forgotten check out my bald self.
      But no, the real reason was, along with his engaging smile, he made things which sounded yummy. At the time my taste buds were fried, really that is the only way to describe them, and my mouth was in pain. I would watch his show and download recipes and cook. There were things I tried on my family and things I made just for myself.
    He also believes in fresh food, grown locally and would go to local farmer's markets and farms that really are local to me as he is in Southern California.
     Today I got to thank him. I met him at the Santa Monica Farmer's market where he was signing his new book which I eagerly bought. I thanked him for making me enthusiastic about cooking at a time when I should have been anything but enthusiastic! He was charming and signed my book. I went home and made his apple and fennel salad to go with the pasta I had planned.
   I spent the rest of the day with a grin on my face. It is nice to finally thank someone who has given you a gift, in this case, the gift of his talent. He may never know exactly what it meant to me but I tried to tell him anyway. It was also nice to realize how far I have come. I made myself a promise long ago, never to let anyone who made a difference in my life, go through the rest of theirs without knowing what they meant to me. Today I got to do just that.