Happy December!

So my life is moving forward---still catching every cold that comes by me but taking vits and hoping that will change. The final diagnosis was Valley Fever but they took it out of me so no one is particularly worried about it. I am taking meds for it for 3-5 months just in case. They don't bother me but I have to have blood work every month and they make me not hungry. This last is not so bad as I am still trying to lose my chemo weight!

Another big change for our family is our babysitter for the last 2 and 1/2 years is going home. She was here going to college and it is time for her to move home and see what her life will bring. She has become a member of our family-- this girl who was hired 1 day a week and then asked for 4 days a week after I got my diagnosis and she stepped in and became a big sister to our girls and another daughter to me. I love her and I will miss her always. She will be an amazing teacher and I am envious of those who get to be in her class when she begins teaching full time.

Merry Christmas--we are off to the land of snow.