I keep forgetting

I don't have cancer--I am not a cancer patient. I don't plan on being one again, you know? Sometimes it is hard to remember--you would think it wasn't but I think we go into battle mode and stay there so long it takes something to come out of it. When I get tired at the end of the day I remember I did that once---that chemo thing that wears you out even after it is over.   But it is not my story right now is it?
No way. I am in it for the long haul and I am staying right here and right now---I even created my own nikes with that written on the tongue--right on one and here on the other. My friend MAry Ann may be buying her own pair. Mine are on the way and I plan on wearing them in the REvlon walk and any other walk I do!!! I am not going to quit until people realize that we are not supposed to get cancer as a generation. Really our 40's are supposed to be fun not fighting for your life time. I want to march on Washington --I want to testify before Congress---Nixon started the war on Cancer and it is time we ended it! Who's with me?