I am receiving an outpouring of love

I sent a prep email--you know the kind you send so all your husband has to do on the day of surgery is write one email and hit send? My friends are replying to it which is so nice and really I so regret them having to go through this again along with REALLY regretting that I have to go through it again.
I got asked to write something today--For a website ---I love being asked to write. I tried to work on the book today but S was home sick from school and we were striving through 4th grade English, etc.
I really don't know what is up with her and her cough but we are seeing a new dr tomorrow for a second opinion. I can't believe anyone should have to cough that much.
I worked out today with Greg the amazing. He truly gets me going and I can honestly say I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I found it true this whole past summer when I could do anything for amazing amounts of time and I could feel my strength. Totally cool--wish I had gotten that idea sooner.
I have been athletic for my adulthood--starting at about 18 but nothing has made me feel like this.
I am having a better middle age if you take away the cancer thing.
So Monday is coming which means CP and Mom and my god-sis will again be waiting an outcome. So will I but I won't really know about time going by. I plan on breaking out the valium the night before and the morning of I promise! I have lost my patience with the whole process and really want to just have some Rx help. Not tonight but sunday to monday --absolutely!
I was treated very nicely at the hospital---when I went for preops---the last time I checked in there I was having a double mastectomy and stayed a week! Not this time.
I am putting my mind and faith around the whole idea of monday.  Prayers and meditation are the only way through it all.