Cancer freedom!

How worried was I? A bit worried but truthfully I went into Monday's surgery trying very hard to stay positive. I went into the bathroom before they started my iv and prayed to God and the United states marine Corp to come help me again. And they did. But I was still scared. This was the first time I ever had a female anesthetist. She was pretty too. Always nice when the person putting you out is attractive. I awoke to the words " no cancer." and as punky as i felt yesterday and this morning how can I complain when the news is good?

Tomorrow is Christopher's birthday and I don't know if I will be there as i have a cold he has a cold and S has a fever tseems that seems to be over. Just want to be back in my house with my kids and husband and dog! I just want to really be able to be normal!

I get to move forward. There is still a chance I have to be on medicine for whatever they find in the stuff they removed but I won't know for a bit. I see the doctor on Tuesday. I am looking forward to that day as it will be one week and a day AFTER! Boy I could not wait until after and here I am. Thanks for all your prayers and support. The next after will be when i get to go bikini shopping!