my story is a bore right now!!!

I had a talk with a friend of mine who is going through it..emphasis on the going THROUGH it---anyway, she said, "It's just not interesting anymore-I 'm just not interested in it anymore" She was talking about cancer and chemo.
And I am not interested in My trials and tribulations on my journey to get new breasts--really if you think about me and all you know about me, the idea that I would be interested in fake breasts is ridiculous until you factor in the cancer part.
So a week from Monday I am having a lung biopsy. yes another one and yes this time general anesthesia and possibly a hospital stay.
What is shitty is that I can't plan---I have three things they want to look at--two nodes and the thing in my lung. So he will do the easies to get to first, then if there isn't enough info he will go to the next and then into the lung. So I may awaken to a bandage on my neck or to a chest tube and a stay in ICU for a night. YUCH!
I am not afraid in fact I am rather peaceful about the whole thing--just want to go skiing in December.

I have a classmate who has just lost a son. That to me is the much bigger deal right now. The first of my group to lose a child--other than in pregnancy. He was 15 and an athlete who collapsed at a meet. There is nothing more to say. Except that his family and my friend are in my prayers right now.

I also spent 5 hours doing makeup for the haunted house at the school carnival--it was fun it was simple and is the job to have(away from crowds, very calm , no loud repetitive music) But MAN am I tired!?!?!? I had forgotten what it takes out of you to do that.  I will volunteer again next year for the same job. Tomorrow I go with the girls and enjoy the carnival with no responsibility!!!