Time has truly passed on by

I am approaching my 2 year anniversary of being cancer free. It is a week from Sunday. as I think back on my life in these past 2 years I realize how many ways life has changed and how many ways my life has been enriched. I have met amazing people who have lifted me up on their shoulders and carried me through the most eye opening part of my life. I have befriended some of the most brilliant doctors in the cancer field as well as a number of terrific nurses and plebotomists(SIC) and radiology techs. Within minutes of speaking to my oncologist I felt safe. She then made me safer by introducing me to her "right arm" an oncology nurse named Angela.

Angela  is truly my angel. She returned my numerous texts, she taught me about all the wonderful drugs for side effects and then made sure I never waited for a prescription to be filled. And many times held my hand with a quick hug and a ready smile. Anyone who ever has been in her presence will attest to how fantastic she is and how loving and brilliant. I will always be grateful to her for looking me straight in the eye while I was dealing with a breast infection and saying, "but you don't have cancer." She set me straight and loved me through it. I will miss her--she is moving out of state to follow a different career path-still in oncology but in a different venue---I was so blessed to have her in my life and I always felt she was mine alone. I have no idea how many patients she had when she was nursing me through my treatment but I know I was only one of many. I never felt that way.
 I Love you Angela.