A moment for a friend from days gone by

As I travel along this road of life I have known many with breast cancer but I also have known a couple who have lost the battle. My amazing sparkling sister in law was the first. Then came a classmate from high school. Both of these women lost their battles long before I was diagnosed. Then along came Mary. Mary and I were high school friends. I ran into her a few years ago and I knew she had been sick but until today I didn't know she had passed away. Mary was a year ahead in school. Her best friend was my big sister at school--Catholic all girls school where you have a family of a senior, a junior, a soph and a frosh. Mary made me laugh. she was clearly brilliant...she had the big glasses to prove it but she also was so brilliantly witty I will never forget her. A dear friend of hers took the blog she wrote and kept it going as a place to visit her and all her writing. She was a journalist, novelist and travel guide book writer as well. I was glad I got to visit with her tonight by way of her words. I could hear her in my head...the rhythm of her speech and her laugh.