What happens a year later

Well simply you get on with your life. For some reason I thought this would be a good time to do some remodeling on the house...and start working out with a trainer, and start meditating again--- Do you think I got pneumonia cause I stopped meditating??? Maybe--I know people who have had cancer come back because they simply went back to the same life. I try not to do that but I get caught up sometimes.

I am working on the book--rearranging the house and cooking for my family  running to and from school--two different schools and I am walking in the revlon walk again...so life goes on--- it seems to me that when you are diagnosed you go into siege mode...you batten down the hatches and do everything you can to ride out the storm of decisions, surgeries, medications, complications and disappointments. Then you wake up and say, "how does my life change now? What will I do differently? Is that sticky bun worth a few days less of my life?" some times the answer to the last one seems to be yes but really does it have to be? I sat here just now and ate a handful of dark chocolate chips. Not the best thing to do but not the worst either!

The sun is shining in the city of the angels and I am going to go out in the garden...