so a gal walks into her plastic surgeon's office...

And the ps says I can fix what didn't work the first time---we'll just take some fat from your hips and your stomach and put it into your breasts --small canula lyposuction...people do lypo all the time...2 days and you're up and about....sounds good...have to admit I look much better--bruised as all get out but I look great...can't wait until March 1 and my exchange surgery---Then 3 days post op I get....wait for it and remember this is the girl who got an infection in her breast last April...I get PNEUMONIA!!! at the doctor's right now--great looking but bruised breasts and doing more tests to make sure but it sure as hell looks like PNEUMONIA--a spelling bee word!

I can't get a break---but there is medicine and they aren't sending me home without it!!!

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