okay, so many things have happened...written end of Jan

K changed schools mid year---huge---remodeling on the house--huge--fat grafting---huge

I had the fat grafting on Tuesday -started feeling better yesterday--finally---It is done by small canula lyposuction--The first two days are pretty painful but now it is much better--I look like I was beaten soundly--but I am now massively curious to see what I look like when the swelling goes away!!! 
They put the fat into the breast area and even though I am bruised there I can already see a huge difference. This is great for my morale--bad enough to go through cancer and all but to top it off with being well--deformed afterward --it was hard--hard to look at myself and irritating to dress around it...I won't have to do that anymore and I can't wait until march when I get my final implants! Then I think I will be done done done...  no major surgeries after March 1. 

Summer here I come---I think about women who do the lypo thing and it must be SO painful as this was smaller and no walk in the park.

So lypo is no golden ticket to thin you have to suffer.