What made me think I would have it so easy breezy?

So last week I had my port removed--went well... no pain to speak of... really. But I had forgotten that I was, over the past year, becoming sensitive to tape and adhesive. So here I am with a raging allergic reaction on my upper arm---the site is about 2 inches long by 1 inch wide that was covered by the bandage.
the area that is covered by the itchy red rash with blisters is 8x 5. No kidding my entire upper arm is covered and it wraps around to the back! Yikes! So now I have to use gauze as a bandage with a stretchy thing over it and no tape of any kind. I look like a WWI wounded soldier with my arm wrapped like this.
Dr. Ng says it will be gone by Saturday or, at least, much much better...Off to take some benedryl and drift off to sleep...