Funny thing about hair--okay about my hair

So I go around all day and realize a few things--one --that most people now think I have short hair because I choose to Two --that I don't like this--I am a long haired person hiding in short follicles And three that I now want a badge that says, "I fought cancer and won and normally I am ten pounds lighter and have long curly hair." does this mean I want attention? Maybe--but I also love when I can help someone.

Last night while trick or treating I saw several of my neighbors--one who hasn't talked to me since I was diagnosed and has seen me walking around bald so she really knows something was up...I hope she never goes through this but I do wonder if I will be the first call she makes. I will never turn away from someone's odd physical appearance as I know what it feels like now. The other one I saw was a woman who called me to talk to a friend of hers when she was diagnosed--they had seen each other a few days ago and  she was so grateful to have talked to me in her early days of diagnosis. She is doing well and wants to have lunch with me! Nice to be appreciated.

So no t-shirt --no badge--just have to make my mark without accolades just me buzzing along in the background trying to be of service.