So here I am at the end of a year of iv drugs---I have many plans for my immediate future---mostly how I will celebrate this---NExt Monday my port will be removed---looking forward to it but also not---(don't want to hurt!) I am thrilled to be done with this part of treatment.

I am writing my book and will blog less often but will still probably hit it once a month--that will change---when the book is done but I have to play catch up now and get this going while I am still so enthusiastic.

Title search---1/46 was in my head for awhile but now I think my story right now is the perfect title--what do you think?

there are quite a few of us at our daughter's school that are breast cancer survivors--the scary thing is that 5 or 6 of us are from the last 3 years!
Yikes--what does that tell you about plastic?
WE need to be done with it that is what it tells me.

Anyway---going to get a cupcake ---it is my party!