A wonderful day, a wonderful week

So it is halloween time again. Last year I was so determined to get to Halloween and walk the neighborhood with my kids. This year I am excited again about that very thing.

Last Wed I finally met face to face with the amazing Mary Ann Wasil Nilan who runs the Get in Touch Foundation and I am sending emails to people at schools about meeting with the powers that be to get her program in their schools. It is so important to teach our girls and our selves how to do Breast Self Exam--it was just last year when recommendations came out that we should start mammograms later and not do BSE! What a crock! We have to do it all so we can catch it early and live live live a long life. Until there are no women who die from this disease we better do it all.

She is as amazing and positive in person as she is over email! I wore my pink boots to lunch and we have a photo of our feet. I will post it here. She also has a photo of us that I will post when she sends it to me!
two pairs of pink Frye boots!!!
She got a book deal from the Women's Conference that was this week in long beach---google it and you will be amazed at the people who were there...