was it just a year ago?

I was going to bed knowing the next morning I would be headed to the hospital to remove my breasts to save my life. Am I being dramatic? Not really -it is a fact. I felt fine up to then. Now a year later I am getting stronger every day--had a terrific summer---went back to teach a bit--trying like crazy to not get a cold--and three more herceptin, 2 fairly rebuilt breasts, hair that is shorter than it has been since I was 3 months old but it is covering my head, a port in my arm, expanders in my chest, 10 extra pounds but I would like to lose 20, nails that don't grow past the end of my fingers without breaking(never were really strong anyway). Among my new friends--a cancer surgeon, an oncologist, a team of nurses and techs at the oncology place, two plastic surgeons, several anesthesiologists, one of the amazing women who runs the revlon walk here in Los Angeles, a complete stranger from Connecticut who has become one of my heroes and a go to person for me, Mary of the Get in touch foundation. I am truly blessed to be this side of it. there is life during cancer and there is life after cancer.

I am going to sleep now! Good night everyone!