Leader,seeker, hero, will the real Angelique please stand up?

This past week has been full of life. My real life--kids, soccer, dog , husband, anniversary. My breast life--check ups--now I am wearing tape to support and an ace bandage and a bra---feel like a turkey!
Got my hair colored and I am not sure I like it---actually I know I don't I want it darker and early next week that will be what I do--but I have to say I wasn't sure I wanted it colored at all. I like my grey--feel like I earned it!  But morale being what it is sometimes you do something for the sake of the family...Darker I will go. Also I was scared to go too dark at first as I thought it would be a shock now I wish I had gone darker. I think it feels false a bit--makeup you see through--hair color not so much. So I am hiding my grey which everyone knows I have...hmmm. False advertising? They(all those fools who make assumptions) say that women age 5 years during their first year of cancer treatment. I think I did in a way but also I am so much more myself...I feel I got the "good chemo" I fought the fight and stayed positive and went gliding on through---wouldn't want to do it again--it was a lousy way to spend the months but I did it.

So I will look at hair color as a new blouse.

Now for the really big news...I am inspiring! Sorry to brag for a moment but this really is cool---so my friend Jenny and her daughter are walking in DC--the 3 day event and I am named as one of their people they are walking for.

Tomorrow there is a swim from Alcatraz to SF and a friend of my family is swimming the swim in honor of me!!! She said if  I can go through chemo she can do this swim...can't wait to see photos...

The truth of it is the three of them honor me...I am in awe of their commitment, their dedication and their willingness. They are my heroes. I can only hope to inspire...and wonder how I can encourage anyone to seek their truth and their light...

My hat is off to Ellie, Jenny and the swimming Edita---go get 'em ladies!