It is a rainy day here in the city of the angels

I feel like I am starting a raymond chandler story...So here I sit having begun working on my book again today. Huge big deal for me...Felt so good to write freely ---I have a friend who is doing well today on her journey, I have a friend who may be going back to war  and another I don't know who just found out a week ago that she is back in it. So many of us fighting and then there are so many fighting for us.
Jenny and her daughter Ellie did the three day walk in DC and raised over 15000. And my swimming friend swam again. This time the length of the Golden Gate Bridge with currant and everything...she came in first so I hear! And she says she swam for me and a friend of mom's as her inspirations. Oh yes I heard about one more joining the ranks though by now she is cancer free as her surgery was today. WE fight on and we won't quit and we will fight for each other until there is no reason to keep fighting.