It is October!!! Breast cancer awareness month

If you are on facebook and seeing all you women friends posting things like "I like it in the front hall" The question going around is where do you leave your purse---this is to raise awareness about breast cancer and get people friends here in California are doing it and so is a friend in the south. Please add it to your facebook status---I like it...and see how much buzz we can generate.

Now on a more serious note--how many of you need to do your monthly exam?
How many of you need to do your mammogram?

Please in honor of the one year anniversary of my comeuppance otherwise known as a double mastectomy, please take care of the "girls." Ask your doctor to teach you how because if you are my age or older I know no one taught you...
I admit it is a weird thing to do and it is scary --I can't tell you how many times I was scared I would find something or scared I would just scare myself---what I can say is if you are familiar with your own breasts you know when something is unusual. BUT you have to do the self exam to know what is unusual!
Mine was so big there was no mistaking it but I also was familiar even if I wasn't regular about checking them.

I hope that sitting here right now I get to be the last person you know diagnosed with breast cancer...I pray it stops with me...

Another thing you can do is join susan love's army of women

do you know about this--Home - Army of Women
Check it out--she is asking women all over the country to be volunteers to help in the fight---women who don't have cancer women who haven't had cancer --to come together-- they told her she couldn't get enough volunteers to do a widespread study- watch what happens if you tell a driven woman, "no!"--if you join this is what it is from her website---

"You will receive email updates from us announcing new research studies looking for volunteers with or without breast cancer, just like you. There are many different types of studies. Some might require you to complete a questionnaire, while others might need a sample of blood, urine, saliva, breast fluid, or breast tissue. Some studies might be clinical trials testing a new detection marker or drug. You decide which studies you want to take part in. The email will detail the research project and who and what the researchers need."

come on we can  all pee in a cup or answer questions or spit in a bottle. If it is more invasive than that you can decide not to do it...but we need to help researchers have lots of women from lots of backgrounds with lots of different family histories to study.