The truth I have not told

I am gearing up for tomorrow----here are the facts--first surgery didn't turn out as planned on a cosmetic level--how can I have a problem with that since it saved my life?!
I have pain under  both at the end of the day especially if I have done a lot
I look odd
If I don't want to look odd I have to dress around the oddness
Even if I dress around it there are very few things if I want to look utterly normal
Even crew neck tees don't cover it up--nor turtlenecks
blouses with ruffles work and luckily they have been all the rage for the last year but really, I ask you, Am I a ruffle person? Sometimes but very minimal...
I have found a website for people with mastectomies that makes cute clothes--bought a bathing suit from them---it is adorable and they make clothes too...right or left they ask--I have to say..."both!"
So tomorrow it will all be better---a new start on a new to lose the rest of the chemo weight --about 10 pounds-then my wardrobe will fit --and then lose the 10 I have wanted to lose for 5 years!!!