my doctor wanted photos

so I went looking for photos

but I was a good girl and didn't do any I wouldn't show my kids!
So I looked for photos to show her what I looked like young and vibrant --these are from my early 20's--The one on the left is by Nancy Ellison the one on the right by a guy I dated for a bit who was a photographer. Sometimes it is hard to believe that these were me...especially now as I sit here with my oh so short and oh so grey hair!

So yesterday Dr H asked me to let her know what I liked--what I thought was attractive and honestly I like honest breasts--I always had them so now it is hard to say what I find attractive or what I will like on me when given a choice...oh my goodness these are totally weird questions to be asked!!!  So I decided to go find photos of me back when my breasts were younger and perkier(is this too much information for the men reading this?) but I figured that What I am shooting for is what I used to look like but younger!

And because I was such a good girl and never did nude photos I don't have any to show her!