For those of you who know us--you know her. She is my amazing mother. Since I told her my news last september she has been constant, supportive loving and positive. There hasn't been a week that has gone by that I don't get an email or a note telling me how amazing I am so I need to tell everyone how amazing she is...I would shout it from rooftops if I could but I would wake the raccoons and they need their sleep. That way they will be rested enough to try and get into my trash cans one more time.

My mother has been at every chemo appt. She stayed in the hospital with me for a week then took me home for a few days more. She came to my rescue when I got my infection and again I stayed with her for 5 days then. She will come for the next surgery and the one after that this time staying in one of those half way houses for plastic surgery patients. Just mom and me and What's her name with the giant implants. Hopefully the paparazzi will leave us alone. I want to thank my mom but is that ever possible? How do I let her know how fabulous she is? Words do not cover it at all. But I feel safe when my mom is around and look at her! How can anything be bad when I have that smile to look at and that powerful faith I learned from her?
I love you, Mom. And thank you for my life. It really is grand.