I made these yesterday and if I wanted to eat my frustration away I would make them again and eat them all by myself...Today after spending an hour canceling our trip to Maine...

My doctor's assistant emailed me and told me that the doctor wants to extend her vacation and so we are pushing my surgery back a week. EXCUUUUUUSSSSSEEEEE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! So we cancel Maine and she pushes it back--truly we probably wouldn't have gone if push came to shove as my sinus' are having a party once AGAIN but still I was all excited about starting the school year on the mend. So the 2nd day of school I will be recovering and away from my kids! YUCH. And I have a headache and my doctor who wanted to give me antibiotics to start today hasn't called the scrip know what I want to do????
First I cried a bit and whined a bit then K cheered me up by saying, "Well mom, now you know you will be well in time." Then mom said, "It isn't supposed to happen on the 1st---WHAT DID I LEARN? I Made plans so GOD IS LAUGHING HIS HEAD OFF!!!!
I am getting my phone --planning a facial and massage for the same day next week and getting in the jacuzzi--because it is summer...did dream about snorkeling--but not really the thing to do with sinus infection...I give up, uncle,.tap out, quit, I am on my knees dreaming of walking down a beach with a bright fuchsia bikini on--not my normal color scheme but it is the vision I have in my head...I am also thinner and fit  and have amazing ---well, doctor built --you know whats.

My writing lesson I am working on is "because of what happens you do what?"
Because of this frustration what will I do????
Facial and massage but I will not EAT JUNK FOOD!
I am making myself a green smoothie after the jacuzzi.
Good night everybody!