We have photos all over our house. Pictures of vacations and special moments with friends and family. My mother has photos all over her house too. I was thinking yesterday about this--thought "I don't know if I want photos up with my short hair. This week I have to get my pic taken for my season pass for Purgatory ski resort. This picture will be looked at daily while skiing this winter. So I wonder do I go short, wear a hat , wear a scarf? What is my choice. I asked K to help me decide and this was her choice, wear a scarf or not but come here...See you are pretty...the truth is I look like myself without hair--sort of the same way I looked when I would pull my hair back in a ponytail or twisted it up on my head. I did both those things a great deal. I may just go with it for the photo. In the winter I will be walking around in hats quite a lot and I ski in a helmut.

And photos from this time...Well as I told my daughter when a kid at school said some stupid things about my hair..."The way I look is nothing to hide. It shows I am a warrior and fighting the battle for my life." This hair shows strength not weakness. It shows a battle scar but  it also shows the battle. I have not hidden and don't think I will now though I do  have to protect myself from the sun!