My hair is Curly!!!

I know lots of folks have curly hair after chemo...mine being curly before ---well it was a question---here is the answer--curly---yep it is my hair coming back--not some weak mousy stuff but my curly celtic-mutt hair with lots of silver in it. Not sure what I will do about the color. Still need more hair for that decision but I am taking oldest daughter to get her hair trimmed on Tuesday and will see what Michael says about my hair. Michael started cutting my hair  when I was 22...that's 24 years ago but who is counting. He is brilliant in regards to curly headed folks like my family.

I think I will feel better about looking in the mirror when I don't see ex-chemo patient hair anymore---I guess that is a few months away.

Tomorrow is herceptin day 12...6 more to go after this one...
Tamoxifen until just after my 51st b-day.

spent today hanging out at home---walked the dog with oldest d. Did the elliptical for 15 minutes after a book, packed oldest for camp, sat by the pool, made dinner and now it is peaceful time for me...Good night everyone.