a List

as a result of this long weekend away I have a list:
call contractor about K's room
call raised bed people for the garden
order new beds
order mattresses for the girls new beds
make nail appt
make list of Heart Wrenching moments for my book
make lists of classes for Creative Writing for fall(loads of ideas now thankfully--was wondering where they would come from)
reorganize my office
organize my desk
draw the new idea for the built in for the bedroom wall(to get rid of furniture and then have more space in our master.)
Get list of yoga classes
sign up with Pilates teacher who specializes in post mastectomy people like me
this could all happen in one good day but probably will take two or so--maybe I will make the appts while we are driving south today. Then I could clear off my list but looking at it you will see that no where on it does it mention medicine--okay so the pilates teacher is on it but that is a positive move forward...
one step at a time...