Embrace Change

That is written on the tee shirt I am wearing---a good one for me don't you think? I bought it at a store in town yesterday when I was alone waiting to go to the very young pretty eye doctor who plucked out my lash for me--really not a bad experience--not even  as painful as I anticipated. And yes I did try not to anticipate but--tweezers coming at your eye--at least I got to keep my eyes closed for it.

I started making jewelry again on this trip--I was inspired by all the gorgeous beads here in Colorado plus a friend who makes beautiful stuff. She is very good at composition and the twisty wire thing which I am lousy at. But it got me thinking and so far I have made three necklaces and started a forth. Those of you who have known me a long time know that I used to do this and have a sale at Christmas time---I may do that again who knows? Still knitting too. It is amazing what you get done with no tv.

I have read two books for school, am reading two more for me, been challenged by my older daughter at cards---spit---and by my younger one at double solitaire and chess.

Today we went to the gem and mineral show here and I want to go back tomorrow or Sunday---there are some beautiful things to buy---maybe a few christmas presents for friends and teachers.

I am embracing change---I am looking forward to my surgery anew. We will see what the doctors plan.

I am not planning anything...remember what happens when I plan? That's right...So I am not planning anything---are you listening, God? I am not planning anything! I promise my feet are stuck firmly in today.