things to do

Okay it's list time:
Things I have always wanted to do but haven't:
go to greece
plant a veggie garden in my sunny spot
take tap classes
take a shakespeare acting class
finish my rewrite
finish the revolutionary war book
do yoga everyday
spend more time in the hammock
learn french
cook great meals every night
have kids eat great meals without complaint--ok so the older will the younger is getting better.
Become a motivational speaker--this is a new one.
Swim and snorkle in hawaii for days not just day--but like have a boat and go several times to snorkle

What do you want to do? How will you make it happen
Most of the above I see as possible--
Greece in two years
veggies this summer
egypt when it is safe
tap when the doctor says I can
shakespeare when my nerves say I can
write --when I have the time
yoga--that's up to me
french --bought the rosetta stone now need to yse it
Cooking-started on that
No idea how to start the motivational speaker thing
Hawaii--need to plan and go just go

Now planning next summer in england and ireland--look up the pitney family--going to pitney england
could be perfect timing with the REv book as it starts there.

Have a good day everyone---