The Last Full Week Of School

Do you remember the last week of school? Finals yearbooks etc...Well here I am now as a parent and as a teacher--I had my last class yesterday. And it is still fun teaching them--I hope I get to do it again next year.

So on into the summer--I find this part of the whole journey to be the most tedious...I am through the siege but I am still dealing with the war. I have appointments every 21 days for herceptin--I see my oncologist every 2 months and will start having scans soon I think to make sure it is all working.

I find that I am hit with the blues every once in a while--strange that. I think it is a result of things not changing fast enough--you know me back to a body that looks like my own. I am moving on ward though and I can't wait until Thursday morning when I don't have to get up early. That day I go see my plastic surgeon number 2. 

I went bra shopping today--weird thing to do right now but there is a lovely woman at nordstrom who helped me move out of living in a sports bra--we all know how attractive they are--into something more normal. I am really careful about fit. I have this fear of setting myself on fire leaning over candles and not feeling a thing--remember Mrs. Doubtfire? I never saw the movie but I saw that scene.

Anyway I am going to post my hair journey soon..thought it might be of interest...Maybe even today...