I said yes!

Okay no I am okay,, I can do it, really we are okay. It is easy enough--all the last 9months I have used these words frequently---Today I had a wonderful friend offer to do my job at school tomorrow. not only that she offered to tape the kids doing their shakespeare monologues so I could see them all too. I can't be in the class as per dr's orders and we have a sub this week who isn't so computer savvy. So I said yes. She is a wonderful english actress who has more ability than me I am sure. So she is taking the reins and it is fine by me. The kids will get a kick out of her, her son is in the class and she is qualified to do the class. I am so lucky. The most important thing to me was to have the kids have a moment to do what they had prepared to do over the weekend. I hope all is well tomorrow and I can't wait to hear and see.