I keep thinking I have given up control....

But I have not! Okay so I go see the infectious disease guy who says--3 more days iv antibiotics and 7 more of orals...YUCH
Wouldn't be so bad-- monday I was at his office so I ran over to get the iv--then today I had to come at 8:30 so I can pick up my two plus 3 more at school to go to the 6th grade party at our house! then last night at 8 the ac starts leaking over the dining table--right over my chair--is my house crying? Okay so that got handles by my amazing husband and this morning the ac people are coming.
Wanted to dead head my roses before the party--okay so I give up that Idea.
then tomorrow there is the assembly and mass at school--then the 2nd grade party then iv antibiotics and then the book club which we haven't been to since my diagnosis.
The book was depressing short stories so I gave up on it...have no need for that RIGHT?!?!?!?
Didn't sleep last night--tossed all night like I had had coffee---should have had the coffee.

UNCLE---I give--Okay I get it ---
Back to prayer on a constant basis-like all day long.