Green Smoothies

Okay yes I have become a green smoothie person...really if you just follow good sensible eating you need more leafy greens, Right? So I started making smoothies this week--a banana, two handfuls of spinach, a few strawberries---today I added frozen wheat grass---they taste more of banana than anything else. The wheat grass I added because I have heard you can reverse the grey this way...we will see as there certainly is a great deal of it on top of my barely covered head. My kids think I am nuts. CP is drinking them too but the youngest daughter won't touch it. My oldest will take a sip now and then. She doesn't really trust it.
So this morning I thought--I have had Spinach too many days I will throw in a leafy salad mix---BIG MISTAKE--it had radicchio and was soooo bitter I threw it out straight away. Won't try that again.

Tomorrow I am off to the market and the farmer's market to shop for more green smoothie stuff and everything else. I will post a picture of one I promise...