Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

WEll here we are the day before and I am having a b-day party for our youngest. Just a bit of chaos to add to my day and we will have fun...Tomorrow I have a bunch of people arriving at 5 am to go to the walk and then we will be off and running or walking-have no idea what it will be like.
Had another meeting with my surgeon--looking forward to having this done---I know I have some recovery time but there is no other choice but to do it and get through it. I have to be put right and this is the time to do it---I just keep ahold of the thought that it is 1/46 of my life.

A dear friend of mine is starting her cancer treatment journey in June--I told her that 1/46th thing and it helped--it does put it into perspective doesn't it? So we are on our way---together. I wouldn't wish this on anyone ever but I am glad that I can be there to help, encourage, advise whatever she needs. It feels way too young to know this many people but my bald head is a beacon too and there are many people who come up to me and need an ear.

There were a few weeks of chaos with things at school and things at soccer but it seems that all is settling down...hopefully all of it for the better. It certainly seems that way but there is still dress rehearsal week for the play to get through...and a costume to adjust...

Wish me luck tomorrow--not to finish (That I will) but to find my team and handle the logistics of showing up to walk with 60,000 people!