Holy flying baseballs, Batman this is a pickle!

My last week has been one of letting go and letting God!
So I got this sinus infection and took a z pack and then 3 days later was feeling not so hot so started back on the antibiotics--dr's orders--and woke in the middle of the night to pain in my breast. Thought I had pulled a muscle--had to postpone my surgery due to the sinus infection so I really didn' t want  to postpone it again. So I have breakfast with one of my oldest friends and then head to my mom's because now I am really tired. I lay down for a bit then went to the Doctor's about my pain. He  got on the phone with the infectious disease guy who sent me to my oncologist...so you see where this is going? So I went to see her and they put me on IV antibiotics. Right then and right there. Who knew you could have a sinus infection in your breast? Ok so now I am on IV antibiotics everyday for a week or more and I am not having surgery on june 9th. So I spend the night at mom's and S wakes up at home with the stomach flu so then K goes to school with another family and home with a friend for the night. S gets better K comes home then this morning C wakes up feeling well, not good.. so Mom is going out to spend time with S since I can't and Now is taking both girls to Soccer so C can take care of himself and S is coming here and K might stay with a friend and Patriot may or may not stay home...are you following this? I am not sure I am but thank goodness for email and cell phones. and through all this I am having a homecare nurse deliver my iv antibiotics for the three day weekend and then back to the oncologist's before heading home. Oh and my class, which has an assignment of recitation due on Tuesday has been canceled for the week. I have to do it back on skype again --can't go into school as the viral stomach thing started there.
So I am not getting rebuilt soon--probably not this summer anyway. wouldn't it be strange if that surgery ends up on Oct 9th? The same day they took it all away.

all of this has been a large lesson in surrender and letting God set the tone of my life.
Okay I am letting God set the tone...
And I get to spend the night at Mom's with S and possibly Patriot and maybe K too.

I am off to buy moisturizer for my very dry skin.